Mein Restaurant 好麵膳

Cristóbal’s Rating: PASS

  • Chic wall art with 1920s Shanghai style murals
  • Eclectic grungy interiors with chain links
  • Cantonese fusion menu items
  • In a quiet sketchy plaza on a backstreet behind the main road
  • Easy parking

I’ve been to this place numerouse times for lunch and dinner and the general experience is acceptable. Out of the select few options that look appealing to me, I typically order from the menu with the Chef special and lots of pictures.  When in doubt, my go-to meat selection is the Oily Chicken with Ginger and Scallions (or something along those lines). I wouldn’t say the quality is particularly impressive, but the level of cantonese-style food here is generally edible and rarely has it been unacceptable. The location is in a fairly new strip mall with nothing else of noteworthy importance asides from this restaurant.  Interestingly the Houston Chronicle reported recently in this article that the owner plans on opening yet another restaurant right next door.  The nice thing about being in an empty plaza though is that parking is never a problem here.


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