Baoz Dumpling

Cristóbal’s Rating: DISAPPOINTING

  • Tiniest dumplings award
  • Overpriced, overrated
  • In the tunnels of Downtown Houston
  • Single kitchen stall with a few table and chairs in a public area nearby

If there were an award for the tiniest dumplings, Baoz would win the prize.  Almost the antithesis of the tennis-ball dumplings at DOOZO which is a couple hundred steps away in the shopping center above ground, situated in the downtown tunnels, Baoz is the literally underground dumpling vendor by the Houston Center that only sells miniature sized dumplings (about the size of your thumb).  What started off as tasty morsels (sold in boxes of 12 or 18) used to attract long lines during the lunch hour to this subterranean kitchen stall.  Yet the shrewd owner of this establish quickly latched on to its newfound success to hike up prices of the already tiny dumplings.  Worse, the qualities of the dumplings have gone downhill, with dough that is barely cooked and meat fillings small enough to make the pork dumpling indistinguishable from the veggie dumpling.  Gone are the days that Downtown tunnelers would wait in tremendously long lines, and as a result Baoz seems to be in the process of half-heartedly experimenting with other products like bubble milk tea, actual Chinese Bao’s, macarons, and some other items that they have on and off.

Link to Yelp Review


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