Ocean Palace 珍寶

Cristóbal’s Rating: VERY MEH

  • Edible Cantonese dim sum, pushed around with carts (a rarity these days)
  • In the Vietnamese side of Beltway 8, next to a 100% Vietnamese mall that would pass as any shopping center in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Cantonese seafood dinner banquet style downstairs

This is one of the earlier large scale dim sum/Cantonese seafood restaurants in Houston’s Bellaire Chinatown, situated at a corner of the Vietnamese shopping center misleadingly named Hong Kong City Market.  The food is mediocre level of acceptable, serving as a large venue for entertaining large parties or providing an atmosphere for a bustling dim sum brunch. While the dim sum is no where near excellent, the restaurant offers passing quality of a good variety of dim sum must-haves.  The exterior is an impressive Chinese style structure surrounded with an artificial lake either overgrown with a jungle of lotus leaves or eerily still with an unnatural bluish hue.

Link to Yelp Review


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