Long Sing BBQ Stall 龍城 – CLOSED


Unfortunate, but not at all surprising–this decrepit old-Chinatown antique of a store has finally said its goodbye to downtown Houston’s food scene.  While I express regret for yet another blow to Houston’s dearth of edible Asian food, I have to agree that closing this time-honoured food stall was the right thing to do.  May the memories of its unsanitary but deliciously affordable Cantonese BBQ lunches be remembered with sad smiles by all who paid regular visits to its humble shop.

Cristóbal’s Rating: BETTER THAN NOTHING

  • Authentic Cantonese BBQ
  • Located in sketchy half-abandoned supermarket
  • Limited table and chairs provided
  • Drop all pretenses of sanitary expectations


One of the only vestiges of East Downtown’s dystopian historical Chinatown, this Cantonese BBQ stall is situated in a decrepit building that is officially supposed to be a Chinese supermarket, but would easily pass as a dilapidated and abandoned crime haven.  But don’t be tricked by its shoddy exterior (and dimly-lit, unkempt interior), this spot is a favorite for downtown lunch goers, continuously attracting long lines (mainly Asians and Latinos, and African Americans) to dine in its street-style folded table and chairs mini-canteen.  A word of caution, patronage of this stall is not for the germophobe or the Western-cultured, as the BBQ servers maintain their time-honored techniques of chopping charsiu and managing chunks of roast duck and pork with oily ungloved hands.  While I have no personal sanitary objection, since the BBQ is authentic and quite scrumptious on good days, but it is nevertheless better to go in with the right attitude.

Link to Yelp Review


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