HK Dim Sum 點心城

Cristóbal’s Rating: BOYCOTT

  • Worst Chicken Feet dim sum I’ve ever had.
  • One of the early restaurants of the now popular Dunhuang Plaza
  • Understaffed – typical Cantonese dim-sum service

This place actually has authentically terrible dimsum–something you would be surprised to learn if you only judged by the persistent line outside the door.  In reality this line is only a result of the fact that 1.) the restaurant is very small and 2.) the service inside is so understaffed, most the patrons are simply waiting for their food to come out.  The last time I came here I ordered the steamed Shrimp Cheung Fun that was a complete disaster (extremely thick and chewy, completely dwarfing the small piece of shrimp in a glob of white sticky mess–yes it was a disgusting as it sounds).   The poor American lady next table to us, who was clearly unaccustomed to Cantonese-style scream or be ignored service, sat steaming in her own anger for the non-attention–so, word of caution for non-Cantonese speakers, just learn to say MM-GOI!! if you want any level of service whatsoever at a Cantonese restaurant.


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