Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ 牛角

Cristóbal’s Rating: PASS

  • Interior is dark, feels like Outbacks Steakhouse
  • Hard to come by Japanese BBQ around town, but realistically not so different from Korean BBQ
  • Terrible time finding parking.  Either get there super early or pay to park terribly far away.
  • Smelly from the BBQ.

I’ve been to this Houston restaurant (part of a global Japanese Chain) a few times, once for dinner on a weekend, and twice for lunch on a weekday and the general experience was not bad. I went for the Lunch Special (12.99 per person, if I recall correctly) and it was a pretty good deal. All in all I would rate the food as tasty, but over marinated, high in protein, fat, sodium, and mildly overrated.  The price for dinner is more on the expensive side, but still reasonable for Asian BBQ.  In my opinion, the environment was average  and the place had a dim ambiance–generally a plus for a Western dining experience, but 1.) this is Japanese food, and 2.) it’s BBQ, not exactly the best grill for la romantique. One thing about the service at this place–the servers are required to recite to you the directions for grilling the different kinds of meats, but most of them end up just babbling something and confusing themselves in the process…


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